bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME – Inspiring and Impacting People

The owners of bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME admit their businesses are different. In fact, they say they enjoy doing original things, and they’re not afraid to try new things.

The openness to change and originality could be one of the reasons the family-owned businesses, which originated 30 years ago, are still going strong and gaining new customers every day.  

The Schlabach family started into the business realm in 1993 when Dave Schlabach and his mom, Lois, started Homespun Treasures, a home décor store. In 1995, they purchased Amish County Peddler, a neighboring store with similar products, and merged the two stores. The Peddler was recently rebranded as bfearless. at HOME.

Bfearless., which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023, was the brainchild of Tonya Schlabach, who says she wanted to open the boutique to inspire women.

“There wasn’t a lot in the area to inspire women, and I wanted to be here for women and help them feel and show confidence on both the outside and inside,” said Tonya.

Some of the most popular items at bfearless. include blue jeans and Birkenstock shoes.

“We aren’t here to just sell things,” said Tonya, who co-owns the businesses with her husband, Dave, and brother-in-law, Tim. “We are here to inspire and impact people.”

At bfearless. at HOME, the candles are top sellers. Tonya says she’s very excited about the stationery and gift area at befearless., which features a variety of journals and posters.

“Our customers really feel welcome and comfortable here,” said Tonya. “We have a team that helps customers with ideas and proper fit.”    

With a team that is very loyal to the businesses’ visions, they really are like a close-knit family.

“For customers who maybe aren’t confident about selections, we are here to help,” said Tim Schlabach. “Because of our uniqueness, many of our customers are shocked to find us in Holmes County.”

A recent exterior update and expansion coincided with a rebranding of The Peddler. The family wanted a more cohesive look, so the outsides of the two businesses were updated, and a courtyard was added between the two businesses.

“The new look is really catching people’s eye,” said Tim. “It’s not unusual to see folks on the putting greens or taking pictures in the courtyard.”

In addition to helping patrons find the perfect fitting jeans or an inspiring décor piece for their home, the team at bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME enjoys creating spaces and creating community. Planning special events at the businesses is a big part of what they do.

A recent event, THE.STREET.GALLERY., featured a variety of creative vendors demonstrating their artwork and offering everything from paintings, woodworking, jewelry, and baked goods for purchase and inspiration.

“Holmes County has not been known for appreciating art like more metropolitan areas,” said Tonya. “Art inspires me quite a bit, and I want to open people’s eyes to creativity in all forms.”

For more information on bfearless. or bfearless. at HOME, follow them on Instagram at and bfearless.athome or on Facebook at bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME or visit their and

bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME are located at 3147 and 3239 State Route 39, Walnut Creek, Ohio.

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