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bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME – Inspiring and Impacting People

The owners of bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME admit their businesses are different. In fact, they say they enjoy doing original things, and they’re not afraid to try new things. The openness to change and originality could be one of the reasons the family-owned businesses, which originated 30 years ago, are still going strong and…
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Walnut Hills — 50 Years of Care and Service

“Walnut Hills has seen many changes over the past five decades, but the things that set us apart from our competitors – like the sense of community and the commitment to providing exceptional care – have not changed,” said Rob Aneshansel, Walnut Hills’ Executive Director. “We stand on the shoulders of the pioneers of Walnut Hills who had great vision to make Walnut Hills what it is today.”
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Come to Yoder’s Amish Home

Yoder’s Amish Home, opening for tours in 1983. The hog barn and chicken house became a gift shop and the house Gloria had envisioned as her home was now filled with authentic Amish furniture and local Amish ladies spent the day in the kitchen baking bread, cookies and pies which customers were delighted to purchase.
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The Story Behind Walnut Creek’s Hillcrest Orchard

Ninety-three years ago, three gentlemen made the decision to plant apple trees on a hillside in the village of Walnut Creek, Ohio, marking the beginning of Hillcrest Orchard. It was 1927.    It wasn’t long before two of the partners decided the orchard business wasn’t for them. The remaining partner, Dan Hershberger, wanted to continue…
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Find your way to Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is centrally located in Ohio’s Amish Country, about two hours from Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh. We’re easily accessible by I-77 from the east, Route 30 from the North and Route 62 from the south.

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