How Walnut Creek Cheese Came to Be: The Rules of Business

The photos tell the story. Photos of horses and buggies, teams of horses working the fields, and fields of wheat shocks along with windmills, rolling hills, and fall leaves. It’s what makes Walnut Creek a beautiful, and unique place. But our uniqueness does not come from our natural resources or geography; our uniqueness is our…
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What to do on Sunday in Amish Country?

OK, we know that to "city folks," we're a little bit odd. You think that Ohio's Amish Country rolls up the sidewalks after 5pm (not quite so) and that there's nothing to do on Sundays. You see, in our community we regard Sunday as a Day of Rest. Time to spend with family and friends.…
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Value Relationships First…Getting to Know Mattie Miller

How I met Mattie... The cute house was yellow, simple, and unchanged for many years. It was surrounded by a few flower beds and some old trees with a couple chairs in the shade by the back door. Every day for six months I passed by the house on my early morning walk down the…
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How to find cheap plants and perennials in Amish Country

For all you gardeners out there, it's always a pleasure to watch your perennial plants and flowers peek out of their winter sleep and brighten our springtime. Serious gardeners may have been researching their gardening catalogs for new, rare and sometimes expensive plants for their flower beds. However, if you're on a budget, take a…
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The Jonas Stutzman Covered Bridge in Walnut Creek, Ohio

There's no doubt it's a landmark in the valley south of the village of Walnut Creek. Yes, it's that beautiful wooden covered bridge, located at the bottom of "the Walnut Creek hill" on County Road 145, just steps from the historic Walnut Creek Mennonite Church. How the covered bridge came to be In the early…
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Maple Syrup Time in Walnut Creek, Ohio

It's February and even though you can't see it, the trees are waking up and spring is not far away. Here in northeastern Ohio, February is a busy time for those who produce the that delicious elixir of spring – maple syrup. Once the sweetener of the pioneer and the poor farmer, maple syrup is…
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Find your way to Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is centrally located in Ohio’s Amish Country, about two hours from Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh. We’re easily accessible by I-77 from the east, Route 30 from the North and Route 62 from the south.

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